Friday, November 18, 2005

Nitwit Tidbit II

This is from the blog Harry's Soapbox, the post titled "Fred Phelps -- Sodomy Advocate" (Harry's not being ironic, by the way; he's actually serious about that claim). A visitor's comment:

"I agree, Phelps is a double agent. I refuse to even mention him because I dont want to stand before God and have to suffer for that sin." -- "pastor" DL Foster

Fuck, I know what you mean! That's the same reason I refuse to swear!

This has been Nitwit Tidbit! Goodnight!


Carl said...

I dunno...he puts up a circular-yet-intriguing case for Phelps being a misdirection.

And Fister's a douche.

KEvronius said...

if phelps really is a double agent, he's got even god fooled.

KEvron, sodomy advocate

Red Tory said...

I have to say this is a truly novel way of disavowing an embarrassing assclown like Rev. Phelps and his incestuous band of gay-bashers.

I suppose by the same measure one could say that the Democrats would have to have invented George Bush. To paraphrase: “If Bush didn’t exist, the Democractic Party would have to invent him. His stumblefuck incompetence and shocking stupidity only aid the liberal agenda.”

Red Tory said...

b/c have had to have

RadicalPurple said...

Love the "Nitwit Tidbit" pieces.

I wonder how insane Freddy would be if he found out this is what some think of him. He he.

KEvronius said...

"This has been Nitwit Tidbit! Goodnight!"

you goof!


Carl said...

Better get folks voting here, Fantod

I don't like being a campaign manager for losers :-)