Monday, November 07, 2005

Michelle Malkin's Panties

I'm worried about them. She gets them in a bunch. In fact, I think they are continually in a bunched state. But the other day her already-bunched panties became so much more bunched that you could fairly see the Victoria's Secret label peeking out her nostril.

Why? Professional jealousy. Released at about the same time as her whiny wad of tattletale notes to teacher was Al Franken's new book, The Truth (With Jokes). honored it with it's own little online video/advertisement. They didn't for Malkin's limp pamphlet. So, she found fault with the video. In fact, she found outrage with the video. Seems she got all worked up about Al pretend-breaking a stool over a pretend-reviewer's head because the reviewer gave Al's book a pretend-bad review. In all of her outrage over this apparent condoning of violence against conservatives, Malkin failed to note one thing. That Al was beating up someone who gave his book a bad review. That was the joke. And it's funny! I mean, the guy admitted that he didn't even read the book, but gave it a one-star rating anyway. What author wouldn't want to pretend-beat up someone like that? Michelle? Ever been there?

Have a seat?
Oh lordy! Look at Al's face! It cracks me up!

But that's not really why I felt the need to write about this now. That point has been made by others. What I wanted to address was a bit near the end of her blog entry. Just eight little words:

"... O'Reilly wouldn't dream of making such a video ..."

Of course, the implication is that Bill O'Reilly would never entertain the notion of joking about harming those who disagree with him. Under any circumstance. Right, Michelle?

Well, apparently neither Michelle nor her panties saw Bill O'Reilly threaten Jeremy Glick, whose father died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. He didn't sound like he was joking, either, when he said, "Get out, get out of my studio before I tear you to fucking pieces!" Say, Michelle, is it only outrageous when the person is making threats in a joking manner? Real threats are a-okay? Is that how it works?

Granted, that happened off camera and Malkin is talking -- in the case of Al's hilarious video -- about a public display. So perhaps she missed O'Reilly's appearance on The Daily Show when he threatened a member of the studio audience: "And you -- I'm coming up there."

Or perhaps she'd like to update her entry after O'Reilly's October 28th show when he got a caller who suggested a good source of information might be Media Matters. O'Reilly's response was, "Anyway, we get another nut on the air. That's the worst part of doing this. Ninety percent of the callers are good, and then you get nuts. Now, we should go to their house. We should all go because I can get their addresses when they call in. We can trace them back, and we should all go over and surprise them."

D'ya think this is what he had in mind?

Now, before you go saying, "Well, Fantod, you just proved her point. O'Reilly really can't joke about physical violence without you, Take Back the Media, and Media Matters expressing outrage!" I'll stop you and say this. First, I don't believe the Jeremy Glick threat was for humorous effect and so, yes, I think that's pretty damning evidence for the nutty personality of O'Reilly. Second, Media Matters recorded the incident of Oct.28 but without editorial comment, so I hardly think that reaches the level of "outrage." And third, I couldn't care less if O'Reilly wants to joke about doing violence to those who disagree with him. I find him to be singularly unfunny to begin with and am not offended by that sort of humor, even from him. Remember, the point of my post is that Michelle Malkin claims he "wouldn't dream" of doing the things I just showed him doing. I think he would, has and does.


Carl said...

I'm surprised and ashamed of you, Fantod.

HOW could you forget how the Mackris' tapes clearly have O'Reilly threatening to SHOOT Al!

Fantod said...

Ha! Thanks, Carl! I honostly didn't know that was a part of the whole falafal incident.

Quite frankly, the examples I gave were simply ones I had seen recently (or, in the case of the Jeremy Glick case, remembered vividly). Thanks for this addition!