Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah Who?



KEvron said...

die hard fans just won't let go. one clown even suggested that all she needed was some crash courses over the next couple to prepare her for 2012. 1) yeah, that's all it takes to be president, and 2) if she hasn't got the goods right now, why back her in the first place?! idiots.


CrackerLilo said...

My wife was born/raised in a small town at the far eastern end of Siberia. You can imagine that she wasn't all too fond of Palin's "Russia" comments. However, by the end of the campaign, L'Ailee was joking that on a clear day, she could have thrown a rock at Sarah Palin's house.

Did you see the video where she was pardoning a turkey in Wasilla, like a good governor, and screwed up even that bit of feel-good fluff? (Put it this way--I think the scene behind her will help sell a few extra Tofurkys.) Gods, I am so glad she's not my vice-president!!!!

Fantod said...

Thank the FSM she won't be able to replace Senator Stevens, either!