Thursday, September 25, 2008

The McChicken Flies Home to Roost

But I don' wanna debate! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

In all seriousness, I'm sure it's because McLiar is putting country firs— oh, wait.
I forgot.
He's McLiar.

Since exactly when does a selfless act like putting country first and setting aside partisan politics in a time of crisis need talking points?!

But anyway, surely Sarah Palin could campaign in McTailbetweenhislegs's place, couldn't she?

Free Sarah Palin!

Or Maybe Not!

Palin: It's my understanding that Rick Davis has recused himself from the dealings in that firm...and that he's not benefitting from that. You know, I would hope that that's the case.
Couric: But he still has a stake in the company so isn't that a conflict of interest?
Palin: [long —one is tempted to say "pregnant"— pause] [restates first comment]



The interview goes downhill from there. This woman is not ready for the big time. (Trivia bonus: I counted twelve dropped Gs in that five minute interview. I think I'm goin' crazy!)

But maybe that's too harsh. She's such a nice churchgoing type...

Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster! McCain wants to put this loon in the White House?! What kind of fucking idiot believes in witch hunting in this day and age?

Judgement: Campaign suspended just in the nick of time!

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