Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Inspired by The Many Faces of Paris Hilton, I threw together a little animation of another pouty-lipped troglodyte.


Elderta said...

It so sad cause his brother is so cool.

And this is for you... Republicans on Black Velvet.

Fantod said...

OMG! Elderta, that if hilarious! Zell Miller is a "velvet republican"! And Bush looks like he has a little Pat Robertson in him (take that to mean what you will).


Elderta said...

I looked at them and imagined martinis all around....

I must say I found that URL at Andrew *shiver* Sullivan's. Sometimes, I just wanna pop him. And sometimes he gives us... Republicans on Black Velvet.

Love. Hate.
Which to choose?
Must one?

I love your complilation of Stephen "I am the Skateboarder of Christ" Baldwin. Though I do get a little seasick if I look at for long.

Fantod said...

Ha! I know exactly what you mean about Andrew Sullivan. I think it's his frustrated "I'm Libertarian so you're both wrong" act that gets the beter of him.

InternetJunkie said...

What a rube. The only thing worse than a hack actor is a hack actor who's found Jesus - and feels the need to tell EVERYONE!

For further study, see that guy that played Mike Seeger in Family Ties... No, wait a minute, that Michael J. Fox... ummm, you know, the one with Alan Thicke and the chick that had bulumia,

Oh well, you know what I mean.

Fantod said...

Kirk Cameron! Another hissing oraface of the many-headed hydra that reared its ugly mug during the 2004 elections as I recall. Oh yes, here we are...

Yes, after starring in Left Behind: The Movie and Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (not kidding), which probably sit beside "Marie Osmond's Merry Christmas" (also featuring K.C.) in George W. Bush's entertainment center, Kirk Cameron has finally cast off the corruptive influences of Boner Stabone and embraced the Flanders-like clean living of mustachioed evangelist, Ray Comfort. Cameron'n'Comfort now run a ministry called The Way of the Master. While it sounds like a chop-socky kung fu flick that Tarantino's itching to slap his name on, the enterprise is a do-it-yourself proselytizer that distributes preachy instructional videos in which Kirk smiles a lot and goes door-to-door hugging strangers like he's rolling on two hits of pharmaceutical-grade Ecstasy. The WOTM Web site has a virtual quiz to determine Are You a Good Person? (First two questions: High-speed connection/low-speed; Christian/other.) Seriously, take this quiz. It's a gas.

Interesting side note: Kirk Cameron is one of only three members of the Screen Actors Guild voting for Bush.

-- Oh my goodness! They can PROVE intelligent design. In three minutes!

These people are idiots!

InternetJunkie said...

Wasn't Kirk in some video on evolution that prominently featured a banana? I seem to recall thinking that I had wandered into a kinky sex tape and wondering if the guy holding the banana was going to swallow it at any moment.


Fantod said...

Thanks a million, IJ! I just had to search for what you were talking about. And now I feel dirty.

You planned that, didn't you?


New post coming...