Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Calling Her Bluff

Recently, LaShawn the Barbarian (© Red Tory ) threw down the most odd gauntlet:

I challenge all bloggers (and journalists) who criticized Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell for “divine retribution” statements to jump on New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin for making similar statements.
Okay, Barbi. Here goes. . .

Yup. It sounds just as stupid when Ray Nagin says it as when those other two nuts-of-a-sack say it.

Now I have a question. Why in the world would LaShawn consider this a "challenge"?

In her twisted little world, all liberals hang together and must defend their own no matter what. Logic be damned! We must send the same, consistent message that conservatives are bad no matter what. One is tempted to call this "projection". In her little fantasy, liberals will stand by the message even unto the humiliation of bowing to the superior intellect of the Barbarian. I picture her daydreaming of headlines on Fox News: "Liberals Foiled by LaShawn Barber, the Tom Tancredo of Bloggers!". The poor thing must get tired, knocking down straw men all day. Too bad her wittle bwain got so overheated that she decided it would be a good idea to invite others along to point this fact out to her.

There is a hint in her (rather short) post as to another agenda. She rails against the "leftist media, the godless (and Democrats), and non-Bible-reading Christians (including bloggers)" -- the usual suspects in other words. Except that she tips her hand at he end of the list there. The insinuation being that "non-Bible-reading Christians" is shorthand for "non-interpreting-the-Bible-the-same-as-I Christians", those who do interpret it correctly (according to LaShawn) being the aforementioned gonad brothers. This sort of hubris is nothing new, of course -- our resident "pastor", D.L. Foster, is a prime example -- but what is so funny/frightening (or, "funghtening") is that LaShawn doesn't see how similar she is to the "Islamofascists" she constantly chides on her blog.

Truly the blind leading the blind.


Red Tory said...

It’s truly bizarre that people like LaShawn (thanks for the credit, btw) believe that folks on the left have some monolithic point of view about various issues. I too thought Nagin’s remarks were completely asinine. I think he should engage his brain before starting his tongue when gratuitously invoking the name of God, especially in the context in which he did it (e.g., linking it to the Iraq War, etc.) He’s certainly not doing NOLA’s reconstruction efforts any favours by provoking hostility from the administration and acting like a complete jackass all the time.

KEvronius said...

"In her twisted little world, etc...."

dead nuts accurate.

what is an idealogue? it's a bigot. and barberella is a prime example of this.


KEvronius said...

oh, crap! you said "prime example", too!

it's like i we both showed up at a party wearing identical shirts....


Fantod said...

Ha! I've done the same thing... write down a phrase I just read without realizing it.

*takes shirt off*

Damn! Where's Hammy and his bear when you need 'em?

p.s. to Red Tory: I think I got 7Up up my nose the first time I saw you call her LaShawn the Barbarian.

Carl said...

LaShawn probably needs a little more Chocolate in her city.

not_over_it said...

I highly suggest setting the TiVo, DVR, VCR or whatever to Moral Orel on the Cartoon Network.

I found it while playing with the clicker last night and almost wet myself laughing.

This guy has the Christian Right down to a tee!

It's claymation and the kid looks eerily like Davey. The song on the Christian radio station playing on their way to church went something like "Reason is the enemy of Faith, my friend! A head that's filled with knowledge is soon bloated with it's own weight!"

Fantod said...


I saw an ad for that show a while back but forgot to investigate further. I'll definitely keep an eye out for it! Thanks!

not_over_it said...

Thursday nights, fantod.
Too damn funny!

Red Tory said...

Sorry for the Sprite up the nose. Glad you got a chuckle out of it. Funnily enough, her latest post is "Disgruntled and Begrudging Bloggers." Funny stuff.