Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Nicest Gesture for the Naughtiest Reason

So, this guy, I don't know who it is, either. who leads something called a "musclehead revolution" but has the outward appearance of the recently lobotomized, wants to piss off the ACLU because he's a right wing nutcase and has nothing better to do. How does he propose to piss off the ACLU? By sending them Christmas cards. To wit,

...please be kind, even cheerful in sending the card. Trust me - kindness will produce more smoke out of their ears than anything untoward you could think of anyway...
That's right. This dork has lurched drunkenly at the coattails of Bill O'Liely and his goofy War on Christmas and come away with eggnog all over his face. For it seems that these tidings of goodwill have not been interpreted as the affront to godless heathenism as expected. In fact, it seems that The New York City ACLU is displaying the cards in their reception area and in the windows. And now the aforementioned yo-yo has a particularly pathetic plea to hear if anyone has "filed a complaint" for being "offended at these wishes of good cheer".


Of course, he could have saved a lot of time and energy by simply visiting the ACLU's website and viewing this page. But then he wouldn't have gotten his F-MoF (fifteen minutes of fame) which is notable only for the hilarious B-roll footage they decided to run over Mr. Musclehead's spiel.

The ACLU wants to keep Jeebus off the lawn!
So, was Mickey Mouse already in the manger? Or did he fly in special from Florida?

So, even two thousand years ago Mickey could find the happiest place on Earth?


Carl said...

I'm surprised Disney hadn't sponsored the manger.

Hm. Sounds like a new attraction at Disneyworld:

"The Lord's Birth"

Could have all those animatronic donkeys left over from "Poo On Earth"...

KEvronius said...

that's what i love about some of the so-called christians: to them, "merry christmas" = "fuck you!"

but only to them....

oh, and have a merry fucking christmas, bub!


Red Tory said...

More like a "fathead revolution" if you ask me.

not_over_it said...

Carl: Hm. Sounds like a new attraction at Disneyworld:

"The Lord's Birth"

Oh gawd! I'm picturing a water ride where you come out at the end of a tunnel in one hell of a splat!

Rider: It was great! I almost didn't make it out of the baby Jesus boat before getting hit witht he after birth!
*wipes goo off face*